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AG Derek Schmidt to Biden Administration: Reinstate program to deport sex offenders illegally present in the United States

Release Date: Feb 22, 2021

TOPEKA – (February 22, 2021) - The Biden Administration should reconsider its reported decision to cancel a nationwide law enforcement operation targeting convicted sex offenders illegally present in the United States for removal from the country, Attorney General Derek Schmidt said today. 

“The cancellation of this program effectively broadcasts to the world that the United States is now a sanctuary jurisdiction for sexual predators,” Schmidt and 17 other attorneys general wrote late last week in a letter to President Biden and senior administration officials. “If the United States will not remove even convicted sex offenders, whom will it remove?” 

The attorneys general wrote in response to a published report that the Biden Administration plans to cancel the program known as Operation Talon as part of immigration policy changes ordered by President Biden. The February 18 letter cited a Syracuse University study that found between October 2014 and May 2018, U.S. immigration enforcement arrested 19,752 illegal aliens with criminal convictions with a sex-related offense as the most serious crime of conviction. A separate source reported that in fiscal year 2018 alone, U.S. immigration enforcement arrested at least 3,716 criminal aliens in the United States who had a prior conviction for a sexual offense. 

Schmidt noted that legal immigration is important to the United States but that criminal aliens eligible for removal, particularly those convicted of sex crimes, should be removed from the country.  

“We urge you to immediately reinstate Operation Talon, adopt an aggressive enforcement policy against illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes, and send a message to sexual predators that they are not welcome in the United States of America,” the attorneys general wrote. 

A copy of the letter to President Biden is available at https://bit.ly/3s6BWNr

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