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Are door-to-door sales legal?

Door-to-door sales are the subject of many complaints to our office. A high-pressure sales pitch from a solicitor at your home can be an intimidating situation. While there is no state law against door-to-door sales, the Kansas Consumer Protection Act does lay down some rules that solicitors must follow. Know your rights to be sure you are protected.

Kansas law guarantees you three days to cancel any purchase of $25 or more made in your home or at a location that is not the permanent place of business or local address of the seller, often referred to as the “Cooling-Off Rule.” The salesperson must verbally inform you of your cancellation rights at the time of sale. You also must be given two copies of a cancellation form and a copy of your contract or receipt.

The contract or receipt must be dated, show the name and address of the seller, be in a large legible font and explain your right to cancel. The contract or receipt must be in the same language used in the sales presentation. If you wish to cancel and you did not receive two copies of the cancellation policy, for your records, be sure to copy the signed and dated policy that you are mailing to the company. It is also suggested you send this cancellation by certified mail so you can track it. Companies are then required to refund the customer’s money within 10 days of receiving the cancellation. Under this Cooling-Off Rule, it is also against Kansas law for the salespersons or the company to cash your check within this three-day period.

Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from fraudulent door-to-door sales:

  • Never let a salesperson into your home unless you are sure of who they are and why they are there.
  • Ask to see their peddler's license, if it is required by your local city or county government.
  • Ask for written information on the company and salesperson and take plenty of time to read it and shop around, rather than making a purchasing decision on-the-spot. A legitimate salesperson will be happy to leave their business card and come back if you decide to make a purchase.
  • If the salesperson says it is a special deal for "today only," it's probably too good to be true.
  • Never pay for door-to-door purchases with cash. When possible, use a credit card, which will allow you to cancel or dispute the charge.

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