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What is the Lemon Law?

The Kansas Lemon Law applies to the purchase or lease of new motor vehicles under 12,000 lbs. It also provides a procedure to follow and a remedy if a Kansas Consumer’s vehicle qualifies as a lemon under the law. It does not apply to used cars.

The Kansas Lemon Law provides that after a certain number of repairs have been unsuccessfully attempted, during a finite period, or the vehicle is out of service for a certain number of days, also during a given period, then the vehicle might be presumed to be a lemon. If so, the manufacturer has a duty to replace or repurchase the vehicle, less a reasonable value for use.  

The Kansas Lemon law contains very specific definitions and time periods.  Therefore, if a Kansas Consumer suspects that he or she might have a lemon vehicle that consumer should either file a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office or contact a private attorney as early in the process as possible. 

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