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  • Roofing Registration

    Since 2013, roofing contractors operating in Kansas have been required by state law to register with the attorney general’s office, with few exceptions.

    Kansans in need of roof repairs should check the Roofing Registration Directory before signing any contracts or having any work done.

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  • Kansas – A Friend AsKS

    The Attorney General's Office has launched a mobile app, as a new tool to prevent youth suicide by providing information about warning signs and direct access to help for youth in Kansas. 

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  • How do I sign up for the Do-Not-Call List?

    Registering for the Do-Not-Call list is easy!

    Once you phone number is registered, it does not expire. Your number will remain on the list unless you call and request removal.

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  • Fentanyl Kills

    Protect yourself. Don't take any pill that wasn't prescribed to you by a doctor or given to you by a pharmacist.

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  • Attorneys General of Kansas

    Learn about the 48 Kansans who have served as attorney general, from the territorial period through present day.

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