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Hiring Process

Applicants are required to successfully pass a comprehensive hiring process. Some highlights of the process include:

  1. Application – Job openings for the OAG are generally posted on the Kansas State Employment Center website. Applicants must submit all application material specified in the job posting in order to be considered.
  2. Interview – Application materials are screened and selected applicants are scheduled for a panel interview. A selected applicant will typically be interviewed at least twice.
  3. Conditional Offer – The selected applicant is presented a conditional offer of employment. If the conditional offer is accepted, the pre-employment background screening process is initiated.
  4. Pre-Employment Background Screening – The steps involved in the pre-employment background process are determined based upon an applicant’s professional background and the type of position being filled.

    Professional/Character Background Review

    Reference check(s) with former and present employer(s) may be conducted. A review of previous or current employment, school activities, grades, degrees, or professional licensure may be conducted.

    Information relating to an applicant’s work performance, credentials, work ethic, professionalism, integrity and character will be considered.

    Criminal History Records Check

    As a criminal justice agency, the responsibilities of the OAG require public trust. Therefore, the OAG seeks to hire and employ only those whose conduct, character and behavior do not discredit either themselves or the OAG. For this reason and to ensure compliance with the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System (KCJIS) Administrative Policies and Procedures, the hiring process screens the criminal history of those applicants who are presented a conditional offer of employment. Applicants who accept a conditional offer for employment are subject to fingerprint-based and name-based criminal history records checks. A criminal history records check will include diversions and/or expunged records. For purpose of the Employment Disqualifiers, diversions and/or expunged records will be treated in the same manner as a conviction.

    Criminal history records check requirements extend to interns (paid or unpaid), temporary placement agency workers, volunteers, consultants, vendors and contractors.

    Additional Screening for Commissioned Law Enforcement Personnel

    Applicants who accept a conditional offer for employment as a commissioned law enforcement officer are subject to additional pre-employment screening to include drug test, physical examination and psychological evaluation.

  5. Notification – Upon successful completion of the pre-employment background process, the selected applicant is informed whether or not he or she is approved for employment. If approved, a start date is determined.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact Human Resources by calling (785) 296-2215 if reasonable accommodations are needed for any part of the application or hiring process.

The Office of the Kansas Attorney General is an equal opportunity employer. We recognize and value the uniqueness of each individual person. We believe the best workplaces bring together employees with diverse skill sets, backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to achieve common goals. We see this as the best way to realize our Office’s mission. We work to ensure all employees are treated fairly and have equal opportunity. We prohibit and strongly condemn discrimination on any basis protected by law. We strive to create and to cultivate a workplace environment where every employee is treated with dignity and respect as a valued member of our team.

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