Annual Reports

Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Unit

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 (FY) ANE Annual ReportPDF1.51 MB19 Dec, 2022 Download
2021 (FY) ANE Annual ReportPDF1.22 MB10 Jan, 2022 Download
2020 (FY) ANE Annual ReportPDF1.30 MB11 Jan, 2021 Download
2019 (FY) ANE Annual ReportPDF2.08 MB13 Jan, 2020 Download
2018 (FY) ANE Annual ReportPDF615.22 KB14 Jan, 2019 Download

Child Death Review Board

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 SCDRB Annual ReportPDF5.16 MB30 Sep, 2022 Download
2021 SCDRB Annual ReportPDF2.99 MB05 Oct, 2021 Download
2020 SCDRB Annual ReportPDF2.17 MB30 Sep, 2020 Download
2019 SCDRB Annual ReportPDF2.55 MB25 Sep, 2019 Download
2018 SCDRB Annual ReportPDF2.57 MB28 Sep, 2018 Download

Concealed Carry Unit

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 Concealed Carry Annual ReportPDF204.92 KB15 Dec, 2022 Download
2021 Concealed Carry Annual ReportPDF476.68 KB21 Dec, 2021 Download
2020 Concealed Carry Annual ReportPDF638.72 KB29 Dec, 2020 Download
2019 Concealed Carry Annual ReportPDF772.55 KB16 Dec, 2019 Download
2018 Concealed Carry Annual ReportPDF704.24 KB17 Dec, 2018 Download

Consumer Protection & Antitrust Division

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2021 Consumer Protection Annual ReportPDF990.50 KB19 Sep, 2022 Download
2020 Consumer Protection Annual ReportPDF980.05 KB08 Sep, 2021 Download
2019 Consumer Protection Annual ReportPDF1.01 MB13 Jul, 2020 Download
2018 Consumer Protection Annual ReportPDF1.08 MB17 Jul, 2019 Download
2017 Consumer Protection Annual ReportPDF970.34 KB21 May, 2018 Download

Crime Victims Compensation Board

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2021 Crime Victims Compensation Board Annual ReportPDF1.19 MB03 May, 2022 Download
2020 Crime Victims Compensation Board Annual ReportPDF1.04 MB03 May, 2021 Download
2019 Crime Victims Compensation Board Annual ReportPDF1.06 MB10 Jan, 2020 Download
2018 Crime Victims Compensation Board Annual ReportPDF787.55 KB18 Feb, 2019 Download
2017 Crime Victims Compensation Board Annual ReportPDF788.56 KB02 Apr, 2018 Download

Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention Council

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2021 EDAAPC Annual ReportPDF384.78 KB27 Jul, 2022 Download
2020 EDAAPC Annual ReportPDF191.77 KB24 Mar, 2021 Download

Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Division

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.49 MB01 Aug, 2022 Download
2021 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF5.68 MB30 Jul, 2021 Download
2020 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.40 MB31 Jul, 2020 Download
2019 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.44 MB01 Aug, 2019 Download
2018 (FY) Medicaid Fraud Annual ReportPDF1.23 MB01 Aug, 2018 Download

Medicaid Inspector General

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 Medicaid Inspector General Annual ReportPDF436.45 KB29 Mar, 2023 Download
2021 Medicaid Inspector General Annual ReportPDF1.32 MB07 Feb, 2022 Download
2020 Medicaid Inspector General Annual ReportPDF541.04 KB17 Feb, 2021 Download
2019 Medicaid Inspector General Annual ReportPDF500.56 KB20 Feb, 2020 Download
2018 Medicaid Inspector General Annual ReportPDF270.18 KB25 Jan, 2019 Download

Open Government Unit

Note: Prior to the FY 2017 Report, the report for complaints received by the Office of the Attorney General and the report for complaints received by County and District Attorneys were posted separately. Beginning with the FY 2017 Report, these were combined.

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2021 (FY) KOMA-KORA ReportPDF1.02 MB22 Aug, 2022 Download
2020 (FY) KOMA-KORA ReportPDF938.48 KB20 May, 2021 Download
2019 (FY) KOMA-KORA ReportPDF1.19 MB29 Jun, 2020 Download
2018 (FY) KOMA-KORA ReportPDF1.14 MB09 Jun, 2020 Download
2017 (FY) KOMA-KORA ReportPDF460.60 KB13 Aug, 2018 Download

Racial and Bias-Based Policing

Attorney General's Office Reports

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 (FY) Kansas Attorney General's Office Report on Racial and Bias-Based PolicingPDF211.54 KB27 Jul, 2022 Download
2021 (FY) Kansas Attorney General's Office Report on Racial and Bias-Based Policing PDF198.79 KB13 Jul, 2021 Download
2020 (FY) Kansas Attorney General's Office Report on Racial and Bias-Based PolicingPDF197.78 KB15 Jul, 2020 Download
2019 (FY) Kansas Attorney General's Office Report on Racial and Bias-Based PolicingPDF196.15 KB31 Jul, 2019 Download
2018 (FY) Kansas Attorney General's Office Report on Racial and Bias-Based PolicingPDF135.12 KB09 Jul, 2018 Download

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Law Enforcement Agency Submitted Reports

Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act

FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2021 Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act Annual ReportPDF459.73 KB01 Feb, 2022 Download
2020 Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act Annual ReportPDF416.70 KB01 Feb, 2021 Download


FileTypeSizeLast UpdatedDownload
2022 Takings UpdatePDF277.35 KB29 Dec, 2022 Download
2021 Takings UpdatePDF125.70 KB30 Dec, 2021 Download
2020 Takings UpdatePDF509.20 KB31 Dec, 2020 Download
2019 Takings UpdatePDF276.83 KB30 Dec, 2019 Download
2018 Takings UpdatePDF140.64 KB27 Dec, 2018 Download

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