Internet Safety

With every new technology, our lives become more convenient. We can now shop online, buy stocks online and so much more. But along with the Internet, email, instant messaging, social networking and file sharing comes new threat.

Just like when the telephone became a common household staple, our computers have become a gateway for criminals to invade our homes and exploit our private information.

The Attorney General's Office is working to protect Kansans from criminals online.

Helpful Resources

  • Visit the Netsmartz® website for age-appropriate materials and games for children and teens that teach them about the dangers lurking on the Internet and how to be safe. Resources for parents, guardians, educators and law enforcement provide tools for helping children identify the dangers they may face online.
  • Read the Parents Guide to Online Safety published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children based on actual investigations involving child victims.
  • Report child sexual exploitation on the Internet via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Cyber Tip Line.
  • Visit the i-SAFE website, a non-profit foundation endorsed by the U.S. Congress, which incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the Internet a safer place.

Internet Safety


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