License Renewal Information

The Attorney General began mailing license renewal notices and application forms in September 2010.  The first mailings were sent to licensees with January 2011 expiration dates.  Each month thereafter, notices are mailed to the next group of expiring licenses (February 2011, March 2011, etc.).  A renewal notice will be mailed to the licensee’s address at least 90 days before expiration.  Licensees who have failed to notify the Attorney General of an address change will likely not receive a renewal notice.  The Attorney General will not attempt to locate licensees whose mail is returned as undeliverable.

For the time being, renewal applications will not be available online or made available on the Attorney General’s website.  This most likely will change as the renewal process develops.

The renewal process will be as follows:

  • Licensees will receive a renewal notice, instructions and an application form by mail 90 days prior to expiration.
  • The application form must be filled out, notarized and mailed back by certified mail to the Attorney General.  Licensees may opt to hand deliver their notarized renewal applications to the Attorney General’s Office (Topeka) in lieu of certified mail.
  • The completed renewal application must include a current 2x2 inch color photo of the licensee and a check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to the Kansas Attorney General.  Fees may be paid by cashier’s check, money order or personal check only.     
  • License renewals do not require training and licensees will not have to submit their applications through the County Sheriff or provide another set of fingerprints.
  • Licensees will be subjected to an electronic criminal history background check prior to renewal.
  • When approved, licensees will be mailed a notice of approval to renew their license.  The notice of approval must be taken to a Kansas Driver’s License Station for issuance.  Licenses will be renewed for 4 years from the date of expiration.
  • RENEW PROMPTLY!  Failure to submit a renewal application prior to expiration will result in an additional fee of $15.00.  Licenses are considered permanently expired 6 months after the expiration date.  Holders of a permanently expired license will have to submit a new application pursuant to K.S.A. 75-7c05.     

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