Kansas Address Confidentiality Program: Safe at Home

The Safe at Home program, enacted in Kansas in 2006 is an address confidentiality program that benefits victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and/or human trafficking who are in a location unknown to their abuser.  The program was formerly housed with the Secretary of State’s office, but was moved to the Attorney General’s victim’s services division by the legislature in 2021.

The program provides (1) a substitute address to be used by participants as their legal address when interacting with state and local agencies, and (2) a free mail forwarding service for first-class mail for participants.  Victims can register to vote, obtain a driver’s license, etc., without concern of public records putting them at risk of being located by their abuser. 

Safe at Home does not guarantee safety, and is not a witness protection program, but is a helpful part of an overall safety strategy. 

Safe at Home is administered by the Victim Services Division of the Attorney General’s Office.


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