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Ohio recognizes Kansas concealed carry permits

Release Date: Mar 16, 2012

TOPEKA - (March 16, 2012) - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt today announced that Kansas concealed carry permits will be recognized when the permit holder is traveling in Ohio.

Schmidt and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine entered into an agreement for mutual recognition of each state’s permits. While Kansas has recognized Ohio permits for several years, this agreement ensures that Kansans traveling in Ohio will now have their Kansas permits respected in that state.

“With this agreement, Kansas concealed carry permit holders traveling to Ohio will maintain their ability to lawfully carry a concealed handgun,” Schmidt said. “Acquiring a permit requires extensive training and a rigorous background investigation. We appreciate the work of Attorney General DeWine and his staff in reaching this mutual recognition agreement.”

Kansas permit holders traveling in Ohio will be required to comply with all Ohio laws regarding possession, transportation, storage, and use of concealed weapons and all other applicable laws except those regarding issuance, suspension, revocation and renewal of concealed weapons licenses, which remain within Kansas' jurisdiction.

As part of the agreement, each state will make its verification systems available to the other to enable the status of the other state’s concealed carry licenses to be checked.

Ohio becomes the 29th state to honor Kansas concealed carry permits. Other states that have recently recognized Kansas licenses include New Mexico, Wisconsin and West Virginia. Kansas recognizes licenses issued by 23 other states, including Ohio, which has been honored since 2007.

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