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Frequently Asked Questions about the
Kansas Open Records Act

  • What records are subject to the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA)?

  • When is a person or group a public agency subject to the KORA?

  • What rights do members of the public have to inspect or obtain copies of public records?

  • Can the agency charge me a fee for accessing public records?

  • How do I make an open records request?

  • Can I obtain records that contain lists of names and addresses?

  • How long does the agency have to respond to my request?

  • When can public records be closed - access or copies denied?

  • What records are mandatory to be closed?

  • What records that are discretionarily closed?

  • Are personnel files public records?

  • Are criminal investigation records open to the public?

  • What other kinds of public records may be closed?

  • What other limits are there on closing public records?

  • How is KORA enforced?

  • How long are records preserved?

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